What to do when locked out of your car

Top things to remember when locked out

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Being locked out of your home, office or car can cause a panic for some people. There are a few recommended steps to take given the situation. Lets revisit the word ‘situation’ before we begin. The word situation is simple to understand but the number of situations are endless. Are you following? With each situation of being locked out of your car for example could have a simple solution to your problem. Maybe the simple solution to your situation is to just call a locksmith. But wait! Is it really that easy? What if your not by a phone book or computer. Maybe you locked your phone in the vehicle as well. Now what? Is it safe to just talk to a stranger and ask for help. What if its at night? Would you feel safer in the day? Most would answer yes to the last few question. But what are the facts? Lets go worst case scenario maybe your child is locked in the car as well and to make matters worse its a hot day. What do you do if the locksmith can’t arrive for 30 minutes or more? This would create a panic for most everyone. These are the tough questions we are going to answer but you must realize every scenario is different and must be handled to the best of your ability.

In Vacaville, Vallejo and Fairfield California the heat can be extreme. Inside a vehicle can easily and quickly climb to life threatening levels. With this in mind calling a locksmith and letting them know the situation might put you in the front of the line depending on the locksmith company. Tap’s lock and key will absolutely do so. In this given situation there is a life threatening scenario and should be treated and responded as one. Getting a estimated time of arrival should be a mandatory question when calling any locksmith. This will put a rush on the locksmith as well as give you a time frame. Now that you have a time frame on the ETA of the locksmith you should reassess the situation. Ask yourself if you can wait that long. If your child is locked in the car on a hot or cold day can you wait for the locksmith without putting anyone in danger? Who do you call next? In this case it would be good idea to have a hide-a-key. Hint, Hint! But if you don’t and you find yourself in this situation the next best place to call the police station, yes, 911. They would send someone out to assist. But are officers equipped to pick your lock? ¬†Umm in most cases no but they have a handy little glass breaker in most state issued vehicles. Although this depends on your state.


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