Picking A Locksmith 101

If you lock yourself out, the best solution is not to break the window to gain access to your room. Finding a good locksmith can really save the day. He or she will also help you be sure that you have locks on your doors that will guard you when someone else, other than you, tries to gain access to your rom. You must, however, exercise caution to make sure that the locksmith claiming to be local through ads is indeed local in your area. Some may even not be professionals at all, while others may tactfully intimidate and overcharge you.

Tips to help you avoid a locksmith scam

  • When you call a locksmith pay attention to how they answer your calls. That answering with generic names such as “Locksmith services” without mentioning a specific name are in most cases no real. So, next time you call and they do not give the business’ legal name, contact another locksmith.
  •  When the locksmith specialist arrives, request for identifications, such as a license where applicable.
  •  Make sure they give you an estimate before beginning the job, even if it is an emergency. Calling around for price quotations, or to have several locksmiths come to your house to provide price estimates is worth it, especially if it is not an emergency.
  • If the on-site locksmith’s price is different from the phone price, immediately cancel the job to be performed.
  • A legitimate locksmith will always arrive in clearly labeled company’s vehicle.
  • Be wary of locksmiths that insist of replacing the lock. Experienced locksmiths have the necessary tools and skills to unlock any type of lock.

Features of different types of locks

1. key-in-lock is not the best type because it often can be inaudibly be shimmed open within seconds. Even though a guard plate can protect this, it is still relatively easy to overcome.

2. Exterior hinged doors- must be fitted with very good dead bolts. There are four types of dead bolts: cylinder, interconnected, horizontal and vertical. While each has its strengths and weaknesses, a good locksmith should be able to assist you find the best for your application.

Are dead bolts perfect?

No. Weaknesses of dead bolts can, however, be easily corrected. For instance, some horizontal and vertical dead bolts come with weak screws which should be replaced with thick steel ones that fit. On the other hand, most cylinder and interconnected locksets have sized inch screws meant to fasten the strike to the door frame. Replace them with 2 to 3 inch screws. Also replace the regular strike plates with a “strike box” with holes for additional screws.

Resolving issues

If any issues arise during your dealing with your dealings, raise the same with the company first. Act quickly because some companies deny responsibility if you fail to bring it up within a specific time period. In case you are not satisfied with the action of the company, contact local consumer protection agency, for further assistance.


After engaging a reputable locksmith, keep the company’s contact data safely in your address book, just in case there will be a next time. Consider programming the same information in your cellphone. This will come in handy, the next time you require locksmith services.